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Orb Amazing Laundry Ball

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ALL NATURAL CLEANER AND DEODORIZER -Chemical -Free: Gentle on clothes, washing machine and environm…

Innovative Laundry Cartridge


The Orb is an innovative washing ball that cleans and deodorizes while the replaceable, all-natural aroma cartridge softens and freshens your laundry.

How The Orb Works:

1. The Ceramic beads inside ball alter the pH of tap water to breakdown protein-based and oil-based residue naturally.

2. Negatively charged ions lift dirt and residue and help remove stains by loosening them from the fabric.

3. Antibacterial beads removes various bacteria, fungus and germs from clothes and washing machine.

4. All-natural aroma cartridge uses lemon and seaweed extract to soften and freshen your clothes.

Orb Laundry Ball Life: Approximately 500 Loads

Cartridge Life: Approximately 60 loads

Clean Laundry Without Detergent!


-Chemical -Free: Gentle on clothes, washing machine and environment
-Hypoallergenic: Great for allergy sufferers or people with sensitive skin
-Natural Aroma: No burning or itching from artificial additives
-Protects Against Color Fade: Clothes look great longer
-Eliminates Static: Save money from buying anti-static products
-Eco-Friendly: No phosphates
-Economical: Less water and electricity is needed for rinsing


► Washes and softens your fabric in one step. Different kinds of ceramic balls interact and remove grease, dirt and stains, as the all-natural aroma cartridge softens fabrics, making doing laundry easier than ever.

► Cut your laundry expense. By washing without detergent, the Orb lets you use less water to do the laundry. It also saves you time by cutting rinsing time and costs less than detergents.

► Protect your skin from harmful chemicals. The Orb leaves no chemical residue in your fabric and is safe to use for babies’ clothes or on sensitive skin.

► Protect the earth. The Orb is an environmentally friendly product that contains no surfactant, optical brightener or STPP.

► Boost your hygiene. The Powerful antibacterial effect helps deter the bacterial and fungal propagation preventing unpleasant odors.

► Very economical. The Orb lasts up to 500 uses and costs about 10% less than using detergent.

Directions: Sort your linens by colors and whites. Load your laundry and place the Orb in the middle of your linens. Run your washer as usual. When the cycle is complete, remove your garments along with the Orb and dry or hang your laundry as usual.

Recommendations: The Orb can be used in front-load washers only. Do not wash clothes above 120°F. The Orb can be used for hand-washing (let the garments soak for one hour with the Orb and water before washing). For heavily soiled laundry, add a little detergent (10% of normal amount) as needed.


Life span: The Orb can be used up 500 times on the basis of 8 pounds of laundry. To safeguard its efficiency, place the Orb in the sun for 1 hour each month to regenerate the ceramic micro balls. Replace aroma cartridge after 60 loads.

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